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BDD-S Bucket attachments


Bucket attachment for HV und DS–round steel chains with sprockets RHV and plain segmented chain wheels, simple assembly and disassembly on the chain; pre-assembled halves BDD-S - ready for assembling on the chain - no additional attachment bolts - self-locking,  two identical halves –  forged with bolts and hardened highly wear resistant. Mounting dimensions of the BDD-S attachment correspond to the standard shackles, so  all round steel and back mounted bucket attachments can be converted. Higher service safety because the BDD-S attachments don't have to transmit any chain pull.

Surface finish: natural black - waxed

Type Chain t1 M L H Weight/set
dxt [mm] [kg/pc.]
BDD-S 19x75 19x75 80 20 45 53 1,60
BDD-S 22x86 22x86 91 24 55 60 2,60
BDD-S 26x100 26x100 105 24 55 71 4,10
BDD-S 30x120 30x120 126 30 65 84 7,00
BDD-S 34x136 34x136 147 36 75 96 9,00